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A currency converter tool can convert one currency to another based on the current exchange rate. The exchange rate can vary significantly in real-time, so the FX Compare currency converter tool provides various exchange rates from multiple providers for the currency pair you are looking to exchange. This is a free tool you can use online at any time.

If you are looking to change foreign currencies or transfer money internationally, we have conveniently collected various exchange rates from multiple providers so you can obtain a great exchange rate on the spot.

The FX Compare Advantage

At FX Compare, you can compare and check foreign currency exchange rates that are on offer from many banks and major providers of foreign currency. Comparing different foreign currency in the one place has the added advantage of allowing you to work out the dollar value in the foreign currency - just check the table and you know the amount to expect from that provider. You can use this information to easily decide which provider is offering the most competitive foreign exchange rate, giving you the best deal possible so when you need to make an international money transfer, you can do so with ease. Our popular service is easy to use, so you can find the information you need quickly. With our added security features, including encryption, you can peruse your options in a safe environment.

Convenient and Reliable

FX Compare offers a convenient place where you can compare multiple providers to ensure you are getting the best exchange rate possible. Further to this, you can examine additional information, such as their level of service and fee structures, with our transparent system. You can check the best rates and then deal directly with banks and currency exchange providers to organise your transfer. This takes the guess work out of exchanging currency and allows you to rest assured you are getting the best value for your money.

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