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What is money transfer?

A money transfer service involves moving funds between two bank accounts. Banks and money transfer providers usually provide this service, each with their respective transfer fees and rates. When transferring money, you want a provider that is secure, fast, easy to use and very importantly, cost effective. FX Compare makes it easy for you to compare major providers.

Business and personal

Money transfers are an essential service in today's global economy. With the increase in the amount of business-to-business trade taking place on a global scale, as well as consumers choosing to purchase their products from overseas, the demand for a safe and affordable way to transfer money has grown. FX Compare's safe and secure platform uses added encryption features so you can browse our comparison site with confidence and ease. We make currency transfers simple by taking the guess work out of it for you. Simply peruse our database of banks and other major providers on foreign currency and work out which ones offer the best rates for your chosen transfer, saving you time and money.

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Time and money are two valuable commodities in the 21st Century and FX Compare can save you both. We offer your choice of trustworthy providers in one convenient place, so you can work out the best deal for your needs. With additional information such as fee structure and services on offer, you can compare general information in our transparent marketplace and browse with ease before making your decision. You can then directly contact your chosen provider to make you wire transfer. Our service has helped many businesses and individuals in the past to save money and get the most for their money.

Wire transfer

Our popular online marketplace at FX Compare can help you find the best exchange rate on offer for your chosen money transfer. Our easy-to-use website is safe and secure with added security measures to ensure all your personal information remains private. You can find all the information you need to make an informed decision before contacting the provider directly and arranging your wire transfer. Take the guess work out of foreign currency exchange and let us help you get the best deal possible.

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