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ANZ is one of the major banks in Australia and has comprehensive foreign exchange services for individuals and businesses alike.

International Money Transfers

ANZ provide a secure and convenient platform to transfer money overseas. You can use the online portal or call the dedicated support team to make a transaction. The platform is available 24/7 and provides ability to send money to over 99 countries. You’ll need the address, account number and international payment details (including IBAN for payments to UK/Europe) of the beneficiary. ANZ will process the transfer within 2 working days.

International Draft

An international draft is a bank cheque that can be drawn in a foreign currency. This is a useful method for transferring money internationally if you do not have the beneficiary’s full account details. Purchasing an international draft can be done through the ANZ internet banking portal or by visiting an ANZ branch.


Transfer Limits

There are no transfer minimums for making an international money transfer with ANZ. The maximum transfer is equal to your ‘pay anyone’ limit set within your account. To make a larger transfer you will need to change this limit.

Transfer Time

ANZ aim to make all money transfers overseas within 2 business days, however the time may vary depending on the currency pairs being transferred. Less common currencies may take a little longer to process.

Transfer Fees

For individuals who want to make an international money transfer with ANZ through the online portal or in branch, it will cost $32. It will cost $18 for a transfer made over the phone. An international draft purchase will cost $25 online or $35 in branch. Collecting fees from others will also incur fees from $15 - $50 depending on the amount and how you are depositing the funds. There is also a fee of $25 plus costs for cancelling a transfer.


How a transfer can be made:


To make a transfer with ANZ you will need to be customer of ANZ with an active bank account and be registered for internet banking. You will also be limited to maximum transfers that do not exceed the balance of your account. To make a transfer you will need the full name, address and account number of the recipient, including the SWIFT/BIC numbers. Transfers to Europe/UK will also require the IBAN number. Click on the ‘International Services’ section of the ‘Payments’ tab within the ANZ portal and follow the instructions to complete the transfer.



  • Access to over 99 countries
  • Safe and secure
  • Service available 24/7
  • Multiple options to make a transfer


  • Must be a ANZ banking customer
  • High fees

Rates table

AED » AUD 2.6110 AUD » AED 0.3830
CAD » AUD 0.9259 AUD » CAD 1.0800
CHF » AUD 0.6870 AUD » CHF 1.4556
CZK » AUD 17.4216 AUD » CZK 0.0574
DKK » AUD 5.0302 AUD » DKK 0.1988
EUR » AUD 0.6760 AUD » EUR 1.4793
FJD » AUD 1.5300 AUD » FJD 0.6536
GBP » AUD 0.5823 AUD » GBP 1.7173
HKD » AUD 5.5804 AUD » HKD 0.1792
HUF » AUD 285.7143 AUD » HUF 0.0035
ILS » AUD 2.6674 AUD » ILS 0.3749
INR » AUD 55.5556 AUD » INR 0.0180
JPY » AUD 96.1538 AUD » JPY 0.0104
KWD » AUD 0.2238 AUD » KWD 4.4683
LKR » AUD 256.4103 AUD » LKR 0.0039
MXN » AUD 14.4092 AUD » MXN 0.0694
NOK » AUD 7.1073 AUD » NOK 0.1407
NZD » AUD 1.1252 AUD » NZD 0.8887
OMR » AUD 0.2842 AUD » OMR 3.5186
PHP » AUD 39.2157 AUD » PHP 0.0255
PLN » AUD 3.2541 AUD » PLN 0.3073
QAR » AUD 2.6575 AUD » QAR 0.3763
SAR » AUD 2.7012 AUD » SAR 0.3702
SBD » AUD 5.7013 AUD » SBD 0.1754
SEK » AUD 7.2516 AUD » SEK 0.1379
SGD » AUD 0.9910 AUD » SGD 1.0091
THB » AUD 25.8398 AUD » THB 0.0387
TOP » AUD 1.6263 AUD » TOP 0.6149
USD » AUD 0.7105 AUD » USD 1.4075
VUV » AUD 84.7458 AUD » VUV 0.0118
WST » AUD 1.8403 AUD » WST 0.5434
XPF » AUD 81.3008 AUD » XPF 0.0123
ZAR » AUD 11.4811 AUD » ZAR 0.0871


ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) was founded in 1835 and is the fourth largest banking institution in Australia. Headquartered in Melbourne, ANZ has over 50,000 employees and branches worldwide. They provide a comprehensive banking product range to individuals and businesses.

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