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Citibank’s international money transfer services allow you to move money around from a multitude of countries. With an established global banking network and over 40,000 branches, you can be assured that if you need to transfer money overseas, wherever you are, Citibank have you covered. With your Australian Citibank account, you have the ability to transfer currency to over 42 countries.


Should your chosen recipient also use Citibank in another country, you will be able to transfer money instantly to them.


It takes up to 3-5 business days to transfer funds from your Australian Citibank account to an overseas account.


Transfer Limits

There is no minimum transfer amount. For information on maximum daily amounts, you will need to speak with a Citibank representative for more information.

Transfer Time

From 3-5 business days, dependent on the recipient’s local interbank rate and where they are located. For example, if the recipient is based in the U.S, the time taken will normally be shorter.

Transfer Fees

Money transfers from your Australian Citibank account to an overseas bank cost $25. Global account holders sending money to other global account holders do not pay any fees. Free transfers are available within the following countries: UK, Spain, Germany, the U.S, China, Indonesia and the UAE.  Any trace requests to the bank will cost.


How a transfer can be made:


If you want to use Citibank’s foreign currency exchange platform, you will need to register for online banking via their website. Note that you will need to be an existing Citibank customer with an active bank account and a credit or debit card.  Once you have successfully registered, in addition to forex services, as a Citibank customer you can utliise and explore additional products and services online from your desktop or mobile device.




  • Instant transfers
  • Extensive global reach
  • Security


  • Lengthy processing

Rates table

CAD » AUD 1.0351 AUD » CAD 0.9661
CHF » AUD 1.5024 AUD » CHF 0.6656
DKK » AUD 0.2168 AUD » DKK 4.6129
EUR » AUD 1.6186 AUD » EUR 0.6178
GBP » AUD 1.7986 AUD » GBP 0.5560
HKD » AUD 0.1782 AUD » HKD 5.6116
INR » AUD 0.0184 AUD » INR 54.2106
JPY » AUD 0.0129 AUD » JPY 77.2217
NOK » AUD 0.1524 AUD » NOK 6.5625
NZD » AUD 0.9040 AUD » NZD 1.1062
PHP » AUD 0.0281 AUD » PHP 35.5516
SEK » AUD 0.1568 AUD » SEK 6.3760
SGD » AUD 1.0043 AUD » SGD 0.9957
THB » AUD 0.0442 AUD » THB 22.6195
USD » AUD 1.3810 AUD » USD 0.7241
ZAR » AUD 0.0785 AUD » ZAR 12.7462


Citbank is the consumer division of Citigroup, the world’s largest bank. It was founded as the City Bank of New York over 200 years old in 1812. The U.S is the largest market boasting 51% of the banks total revenue however given their colossal global footprint they are present in over 40 countries with an estimated customer base of over 15 million online customers. In addition to traditional banking practices, Citibank also cover insurance, credit cards and investment products

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