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As Australia’s largest bank, they offer a full service platform via their NetBank application. NetBank offers IMT services through NetBank and also the CommBank App. You will have access transferring money to over 30 currencies across 200 different countries globally. CommBank cater to a large variety of transfer needs, ranging from the transfer of a single currency, to a series of regular payments overseas.

CommBank provides quick and easy options for both the most frequent and irregular customers using forex services. The most popular IMT service used by both of these customers is the NetBank portal and the CommBank app to send and receive international payments.

CommBank also provide a popular foreign currency account option. This is most frequently used by customers who hold currencies overseas in foreign banks, or if you are sending money overseas on a regular basis.


Transfer Limits

There is a maximum amount you can transfer via the NetBank portal, which is subject to your daily withdraw limits as an account holder.

Transfer Time

In most cases it can takes no more than 1- 3 business days for the funds to hit your recipients account. For less common currencies, it can take up to 5 business days.

Transfer Fees

If you are using NetBank or the CommBank App it will in the region of $22. Should you wish to send your transfer in-branch the cost is $30. CommBank operates a flat fee policy regardless of the amount being transferred.


How a transfer can be made:


You will need to be a customer of CommBank if you want to use their services to transfer money overseas. You can apply for an account online or you can visit a local branch, there are over 1000 across Australia.

Once you’re ready to make an international money transfer, you’ll need the transfer information from your recipient in order to make the wire. The vital information required:  Recipients name, address and account name, Account number or IBAN (International Bank Account Number).  Amount and currency you are sending.



  • Good breadth of IMT services
  • Customers have additional services to explore (travel money, cards, overseas money).
  • Variety of ways to transfer your money
  • Established institution


  • Can be more expensive than dedicated currency providers

Rates table

AED » AUD 2.9360 AUD » AED 0.3406
CAD » AUD 1.0014 AUD » CAD 0.9986
CHF » AUD 0.7405 AUD » CHF 1.3504
DKK » AUD 4.9925 AUD » DKK 0.2003
EUR » AUD 0.6713 AUD » EUR 1.4896
FJD » AUD 1.6491 AUD » FJD 0.6064
GBP » AUD 0.5827 AUD » GBP 1.7161
HKD » AUD 6.2150 AUD » HKD 0.1609
ILS » AUD 2.6330 AUD » ILS 0.3798
INR » AUD 58.1395 AUD » INR 0.0172
JPY » AUD 87.7193 AUD » JPY 0.0114
KWD » AUD 0.2415 AUD » KWD 4.1408
LKR » AUD 161.2903 AUD » LKR 0.0062
NOK » AUD 6.7889 AUD » NOK 0.1473
NZD » AUD 1.1206 AUD » NZD 0.8924
OMR » AUD 0.3077 AUD » OMR 3.2499
PLN » AUD 3.0432 AUD » PLN 0.3286
SAR » AUD 2.9976 AUD » SAR 0.3336
SBD » AUD 6.4144 AUD » SBD 0.1559
SEK » AUD 6.8213 AUD » SEK 0.1466
SGD » AUD 1.0718 AUD » SGD 0.9330
THB » AUD 25.1256 AUD » THB 0.0398
TRY » AUD 6.5359 AUD » TRY 0.1530
USD » AUD 0.7991 AUD » USD 1.2514
VUV » AUD 86.2069 AUD » VUV 0.0116
XPF » AUD 79.3651 AUD » XPF 0.0126
ZAR » AUD 11.6686 AUD » ZAR 0.0857


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the largest and most established bank in the country with additional presence across New Zealand, Asia, Fiji, USA and the United Kingdom. The bank is most notably known as the Commonwealth Bank (or CBA or CommBank. The bank provides a plethora of financial services but not limited to retail, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance and brokering services. It is also the largest Australian listed company in terms and capital and assets on the ASE (Australian Securities Exchange).

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