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HiFX is an online foreign exchange platform that prides itself on offering better rates than banks and great customer service.

Online Money Transfers

HiFX allows individuals and businesses to make an international money transfer through their online platform, for many reasons, including; paying overseas bills, paying suppliers, emigrating etc. You select the currencies, the amount you wish to transfer and enter the recipient’s details - the platform will do the rest. In your account, you can track your payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HiFX give you live rates and you can lock in your exchange rate to ensure the amount to be received.

Larger Transfers

HiFX will provide a dedicated account manager for users who make larger payments overseas. The account manager will work with you to understand your needs and suggest the best options to make your transfers cost effective. This includes forward contracts (allowing you to lock in the rate for 12 months) and market contracts.


Transfer Limits

For a one-off payment, the minimum transfer amount is $50. If you use the service regularly, there is a monthly minimum of $500. There is a maximum transfer limit of $1,000 if you use the online service. To make larger transfers you will need to contact HiFX over the phone. There is no limit on phone transfers.

Transfer Time

The time will vary depending on the amount you are transferring and the currencies you wish to exchange. You can use HiFX’s transfer time estimator for specific transfer times. Most transfers are typically completed within 1-3 working days.

Transfer Fees

There is a standard $15 fee per trade less than $10,000. All trades over $10,000 are free of charge. It is worth noting that although HiFX make no further charges, the recipient may be charged a fee by their bank for receiving the funds.


How a transfer can be made:


You will need to create an account with HiFX before you can make an international money transfer. The sign-up process is simple and takes around 5 minutes to complete. You will need to provide proof of identity before HiFX send you an email to confirm your account. If you are making a transaction for a company, a company account will need to be created instead of a personal one. The signup process will differ slightly but will still be very simple.



  • Very competitive rates 
  • Clear fee structure
  • Access to over 60 countries
  • Bank level security
  • Available 24/7


  • Low Maximum transfer limit online
  • Higher fee compared to other FX providers 

Rates table

AED » AUD 0.3776 AUD » AED 2.6480
BBD » AUD 0.6933 AUD » BBD 1.4424
BHD » AUD 3.7064 AUD » BHD 0.2698
CZK » AUD 0.0610 AUD » CZK 16.4010
DKK » AUD 0.2109 AUD » DKK 4.7423
FJD » AUD 0.6504 AUD » FJD 1.5374
GBP » AUD 1.7525 AUD » GBP 0.5706
HKD » AUD 0.1773 AUD » HKD 5.6412
HUF » AUD 0.0049 AUD » HUF 205.3300
MAD » AUD 0.1451 AUD » MAD 6.8933
MXN » AUD 0.0683 AUD » MXN 14.6480
PGK » AUD 0.4114 AUD » PGK 2.4307
PHP » AUD 0.0263 AUD » PHP 37.9990
PLN » AUD 0.3665 AUD » PLN 2.7285
SGD » AUD 1.0098 AUD » SGD 0.9903
THB » AUD 0.0423 AUD » THB 23.6420
TRY » AUD 0.2590 AUD » TRY 3.8613
USD » AUD 1.3848 AUD » USD 0.7221
XCD » AUD 0.5133 AUD » XCD 1.9481
XPF » AUD 0.0132 AUD » XPF 75.8710
ZAR » AUD 0.0977 AUD » ZAR 10.2390


HiFX was founded in the UK in 1998, and is part of Euronet Worldwide, the 3rd largest money transfer company in the world. HiFX gives access to 60 currencies and over 170 countries. They are authorised by ASIC and have transferred over $200 billion since conception, processing over 36 million transactions a year.

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