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HSBC provide comprehensive international money transfer services to its banking customers, with the option to make transfers online, over the phone or in person at a local branch.

HSBC has a large global presence, which provides unique benefits when it comes to foreign exchange. For instance, HSBC premier members can make instant international transfers between their international and domestic HSBC bank accounts at no extra cost – a service available for 45 different countries. HSBC has also been recognised as the top international trade bank in Australia (2016) illustrating the size and scale of their services for business account holders.


Transfer Limits

There is no minimum transfer limit for HSBC customers making and international money transfer. The maximum limit for an online transfer is $50,000. You can contact your HSBC account manager or a representative to assist with transactions over $50,000.

Transfer Time

Transferring money between HSBC international accounts will be processed instantly. For transfers to a recipient banking with another bank, the transfer time will be between 1-2 working days. The actual processing time will depend on the amount being transferred and the currencies involved.

Transfer Fees

There will be a fee of $25 for a transfer made in person at a branch. A transfer processed through online banking will cost $20. The recipient may incur charges by their bank to accept the funds.


How a transfer can be made:


To make a money transfer overseas with HSBC you will need to be either a business or personal banking customer with HSBC. To make a transfer online, you should be registered for internet banking and have your login details to hand. Once logged in to the HSBC online portal, navigate to the make a payment section and choose the option to send money overseas. You will be required to enter the banking details for the beneficiary, which will include SWIFT number (and IBAN for Europe/UK recipients). After providing the relevant information, HSBC will display a rate and cost for the transfer that you can review and accept if you are happy. Once submitted, your transaction will be processed.


  • Available 24/7
  • Immediate transfer between domestic and international HSBC accounts
  • Preferred exchange rates on over 19 currencies
  • Secure and automated service


  • Only available to HSBC customers
  • High fees

Rates table

ARE » AUD 0.3714 AUD » ARE 2.6923
CAN » AUD 1.0281 AUD » CAN 0.9727
CHE » AUD 1.4885 AUD » CHE 0.6718
CHN » AUD 0.2019 AUD » CHN 4.9541
DNK » AUD 0.2140 AUD » DNK 4.6725
EUR » AUD 1.6049 AUD » EUR 0.6231
GBR » AUD 1.7498 AUD » GBR 0.5715
HKG » AUD 0.1774 AUD » HKG 5.6376
JPN » AUD 0.0130 AUD » JPN 76.6600
MEX » AUD 0.0611 AUD » MEX 16.3551
NOR » AUD 0.1449 AUD » NOR 6.9003
NZL » AUD 0.9007 AUD » NZL 1.1103
SAU » AUD 0.3637 AUD » SAU 2.7492
SGP » AUD 1.0020 AUD » SGP 0.9980
SWE » AUD 0.1524 AUD » SWE 6.5619
THA » AUD 0.0432 AUD » THA 23.1600
USA » AUD 1.3820 AUD » USA 0.7236
ZAF » AUD 0.0798 AUD » ZAF 12.5248


HSBC is one of the largest banking institutions worldwide, serving over 45 million customers across its four-main businesses; retail banking and wealth management, global banking and markets, global private banking and commercial banking. HSBC have over 4,400 offices in 71 countries, expanding into Australia in 1965. In Australia, HSBC is headquartered in Sydney, with 37 branches across the country.

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