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As a customer, if you are considering transferring money overseas using the services of St George, you can visit their website to assess in real time the current exchange rates.


Transfer Limits

There is minimum transfer amount when looking to make an international transfer with St George. There is a collective daily $50,000 limit, should you be looking to transfer larger sums of money, contact a representative by phone.

Transfer Time

St George cannot guarantee an exact transfer time, although it’s suggested processing times take around 3 – 5 days depending on the location of your recipient’s bank account.

Transfer Fees

When transferring money through St George, they charge a flat fee of $20 regardless of the amount. There are other charges which you may or may not incur which vary from the intermediary bank being used and the recipient bank account. Any amount charged, is always deducted from the original amount sent.


How a transfer can be made:


You will need to be an existing customer of St George Bank if you are considering using their international money transfer services. You are able to do this by visiting your local branch or via your online banking portal. Once you are logged in to your online banking, you will need to request access for overseas transfers. The next step is to print and fill in the form, which then needs to be sent across to St George via fax or post. The bank may take up to two business days to process your request, so bare this in mind if you need to transfer your money urgently. 




  • In person customer support
  • Flat fee


  • Turnaround time
  • Interbank charges

Rates table

CAD » AUD 1.0245 AUD » CAD 0.9761
CHF » AUD 0.7195 AUD » CHF 1.3899
DKK » AUD 4.9579 AUD » DKK 0.2017
EUR » AUD 0.6688 AUD » EUR 1.4952
FJD » AUD 1.6150 AUD » FJD 0.6192
GBP » AUD 0.5918 AUD » GBP 1.6898
HKD » AUD 6.2735 AUD » HKD 0.1594
JPY » AUD 84.0336 AUD » JPY 0.0119
NOK » AUD 6.8776 AUD » NOK 0.1454
NZD » AUD 1.1115 AUD » NZD 0.8997
PHP » AUD 38.9105 AUD » PHP 0.0257
SEK » AUD 6.7340 AUD » SEK 0.1485
SGD » AUD 1.0727 AUD » SGD 0.9322
THB » AUD 24.2718 AUD » THB 0.0412
USD » AUD 0.8119 AUD » USD 1.2317
ZAR » AUD 12.2249 AUD » ZAR 0.0818


St George Bank is an Australian institution that was originally founded in 1937 and operated initially as a building society. The bank operates out of its headquarters in Sydney and in 2008 went through a merger and formed part of the Westpac Banking Group. Despite its humble beginnings as building society, the bank now provides an array of other services including; commercial property construction and development, interest rate hedging, trade finance and automotive financing.

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