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Western Union offer a comprehensive money transfer service that is available 24/7. Once you have registered for a free account there a few ways you can transfer money either in person, online or through the app.

Collect in Person

Western Union have over 5,000 agent locations across Australia and over 500,000 worldwide. You can transfer money online to be picked up in person by the beneficiary. Once the transaction has been completed, the funds can be picked up within minutes (depending on fund availability and opening hours of the agent location).

Direct to Bank Account

If the beneficiary doesn’t wish to visit an agent location, the funds can be sent directly to a bank account. You’ll need the recipients banking details, SWIFT and/or IBAN number(s) depending on where the transfer is being sent. A direct to bank transfer can take up to 5 days to be delivered and is available in over 30 countries.

Direct to mobile phone

Western Union offer the option to deliver funds direct to the recipient’s mobile wallet. This service is limited to 9 countries and participating mobile networks within these countries. Mobile wallets are used to pay for goods, bills and public transport among other things. 

You can use the price estimator tool to work out the fee you will be charged - click here 


Transfer Limits

There is a standard maximum daily transfer limit of $5,000 for transferring money online. Your individual limit could vary depending on your transfer history and the type of service you choose.

Transfer Time

The transfer time will vary depending on the currency exchange and service chosen. A transaction where the recipient collects the money from a Western Union agent can be ready within minutes. Money sent direct to a bank account will take up to five days.

Transfer Fees

The first transaction made from Australia to almost anywhere in the world is free of charge if the promotional code ‘FIRSTFREEAU’ is used. The typical fees vary depending on the service and amount being transferring. As a guideline, a $5,000 AUD to GBP transfer to a bank account will cost $15.00.


How a transfer can be made:


To make an international money transfer with Western Union you will need to create a free account. You’ll need to provide an Australian driver’s license, Medicare card or passport as proof of identity during the sign-up. In some cases, where additional information is required, you may be asked to contact their call centre. Once your account is approved you can log in, select the service you require and complete the transaction. You can also visit a Western Union agent and complete the transfer in person.



  • Reach to over 220 countries and 500,00 agent locations
  • Money can be picked up within minutes
  • Service available 24/7
  • Leading business for over 135 years


  • No standard pricing
  • $5,000 individual daily limit
  • Longer processing times compare to others


Western Union has been a global leader in money transfers for over 135 years. They have over 5,000 agent locations in Australia, 500,000 globally, and employ over 7,000 staff. Headquartered in Colorado, they offer several products that include; person-to-person money transfers, money orders and business payments. Their services reach over 200 countries and transact across 130 currencies. In 2015, they moved over $150 billion for consumer and business customers.

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