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Westpac offer a range of services to business and personal banking customers to transfer money overseas.

 For personal customers, international transfers can be processed via online banking, over the phone or in person at a Westpac branch. Westpac also offer international bank drafts and a global currency card service that provides numerous benefits to customers, including; no ATM fees abroad at certain locations and preferred exchange rates. For businesses, the Westpac foreign exchange services are secure, available 24/7 and reach a huge number of currencies and countries.



Transfer Limits

The transfer limit will be subject to the daily withdrawal limit set on your account. For larger international money transfers (over $100,000) you may need speak with a Westpac representative directly as the exchange rate you receive may be different from the rate displayed on the converter tables. There is no minimum limit.

Transfer Time

The processing time for an international money transfer will depend on the currencies being exchanged and where the funds are being sent. You should allow up to 5 days for the recipient to receive the money, however most transactions will be complete within 1-2 working days.

Transfer Fees

A single fee of $20 will be charged for a transfer made through online banking. A fee of $32 will be charged when a transaction is made through a Westpac branch. The recipient may also be charged a fee from their bank for receiving the funds.


How a transfer can be made:


To make an international money transfer through Westpac, you will need to be a business or personal banking customer of Westpac. Typically, transfers are made by customers through the online banking portal. To make a transfer this way, log in to online banking, select ‘make a payment’ and create a new payee. You will need the beneficiary’s banking and personal details to continue with the transaction. Westpac will provide you with a live rate and, if satisfied, you can continue with the transfer. To complete the transaction, you will be sent a secure code via SMS that will need to be entered online. You will need to visit for local Westpac branch if you want to make a transfer in person.


  • Secure
  • Available 24/7
  • Multiple options to make a transfer
  • Global reach across countries and currencies


  • Only available to Westpac customers
  • High fees

Rates table

AED » AUD 0.3706 AUD » AED 2.6982
BND » AUD 1.0290 AUD » BND 0.9718
CAD » AUD 1.0375 AUD » CAD 0.9639
CHF » AUD 1.4188 AUD » CHF 0.7048
DKK » AUD 0.2248 AUD » DKK 4.4487
EUR » AUD 1.6667 AUD » EUR 0.6000
FJD » AUD 0.6621 AUD » FJD 1.5103
GBP » AUD 1.8875 AUD » GBP 0.5298
HKD » AUD 0.1719 AUD » HKD 5.8186
INR » AUD 0.0207 AUD » INR 48.2070
JPY » AUD 0.0127 AUD » JPY 78.9100
LKR » AUD 0.0087 AUD » LKR 114.5700
NOK » AUD 0.1765 AUD » NOK 5.6672
NZD » AUD 0.9778 AUD » NZD 1.0227
PHP » AUD 0.0259 AUD » PHP 38.6740
PKR » AUD 0.0123 AUD » PKR 81.4430
SAR » AUD 0.3593 AUD » SAR 2.7829
SBD » AUD 0.1768 AUD » SBD 5.6576
SEK » AUD 0.1664 AUD » SEK 6.0097
SGD » AUD 1.0253 AUD » SGD 0.9753
THB » AUD 0.0434 AUD » THB 23.0300
TOP » AUD 0.6375 AUD » TOP 1.5687
USD » AUD 1.3545 AUD » USD 0.7383
VUV » AUD 0.0127 AUD » VUV 78.8000
WST » AUD 0.5437 AUD » WST 1.8392
XPF » AUD 0.0137 AUD » XPF 73.1000
ZAR » AUD 0.1139 AUD » ZAR 8.7770


Westpac is Australian’s largest banking network with over 1,400 branches, 3,800 ATMs and revenues more than 21.642 billion in 2015. Employing over 32,000 staff, Westpac serves 13.1 million customers. Westpac is headquartered in Sydney and offers a full range of banking services to its customers through the following divisions; Westpac, St George, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and RAMS.

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