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World First is an International Money Transfer (IMT), business that provide a platform to allow people and business transfer money in a fast and secure way.

There are multiple ways you can transfer money overseas with World First. Options are below:

Spot contacts

World First can offer you a rate based on the live exchange rate that day. A spot contract comes in very handy if you need to transfer a deposit in quick time. World First are also a very competitive IMT provider and offer a ‘best rate guarantee’ to ensure you get the cheapest rate in the market.

Forward contract

You have the ability to lock in an exchange rate up to 24 months in advance. This is useful when you see a good rate in the market and want to guarantee it for a future transfer. In most cases, you will need to pay a deposit for using this service, although the balance will not be due until the end of the contract. It’s reassuring to know exactly how much you will receive when the time comes to make your transfer. Be cautious, there is a slight risk that the rate can fluctuate and move against you, if this does happen, you might need to add funds to your original deposit.

Regular payments

World First offer an option to make frequent payments using their exchange. For example, if you operate a business that trades regularly with other companies overseas, you can setup a mandate with World First to automate the payments owed to them. As an added benefit, to help with budgeting and planning, you have the flexibility to fix rates on the day of the scheduled transfer.

Currency options

Options are also common across IMT platforms as they give the user the ‘option’ as a 50% participating forward. The options at World First allow you to secure a fixed rate when you have an upcoming purchase. It’s advantageous to use this from of money transfer as the rate can swing in your favour, so you will see 50% of the upside.

Firm order

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on track of the market and if prices are rising or falling. World First can monitor your exchange prices on your behalf, so all you need to do is tell them the rate you want, then when the market moves to that rate, they will book the price for you. You also have the option to tell them your worst case scenario rate, and if it does look to be falling below that price, World First will book it. 

Online seller account

You can only use this account for receipt of e-commerce sales if you are trading with users of approved marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay. You must notify World First of all acquirers that you intend to receive funds from prior to trading.


Transfer Limits

There is a minimum transfer amount of $250 online, and if you’re looking to transfer over the phone, the minimum is $1000.

Transfer Time

Transfers usually take between 1-2 business days, although if you are transferring USD to a country other than the US, you should expect it to take roughly 4 business days for it to clear.

Transfer Fees

Any transfer under $10,000, there is a flat $10 fee. For transfers over $10,000 there is no fee.


How a transfer can be made:


You will need to signup online or over the phone before you can begin transferring money with World First. The process takes around ten minutes and once complete and you will need to provide two basic forms of I.D. Once your personal information has been verified, which takes no longer than an hour from registration, you will be able to start using the account. When you are ready to make an international payment, you will need to tell World First how much you would like to transfer, which currency, and who you’d like to pay. World First will then quote a rate for the trade and if you confirm, you’ll then receive an email outlining the details of the trade, including the recipient of the exchange and delivery information. Finally, you will then be requested to transfer your money to World First via online banking or over the phone. Do note that World First are making the payment on your behalf and therefore the recipient will receive the wire with a reference begging with ‘WFPAY’.


  • Low fees
  • Safe and secure
  • Competitive rates, typically lower than major banks
  • Award winning customer service


  • Restricted transfer times when sending USD


World First was founded in 2004 in the UK and now has multiple office locations across Asia, Australasia and the USA. The company has a charitable reputation, donating £1,000 on behalf of every staff member to a charity of choice. In Australia the company is authorised and regulated by ASIC.

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