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How to send money online

To send money online you need a bank account where the money will be withdrawn from and a recipient account to send the money to. Most banks provide an online portal or app which allows you to do this any time of the day, the speed of transfer depends on the banks and whether it is a weekday.

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Send money to anyone or to any country by using your bank account or selecting specialist money transfer providers. Generally there are no additional fees for sending money within a country or between two accounts at a bank. If you need to send money internationally, you will be interested in the exchange rate difference between the currencies as most banks and foreign exchange providers offer significantly varying exchange rates, fees and charges. So check our comparison table above to know the exchange rates on offer.

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FX Compare provides an exchange rate comparison table that lets you quickly and easily compare exchange rates for various currencies from various providers so that you can do the research all in one place. It doesn't get much easier than this to get the best exchange rates. You can also compare various attributes of the provider such as the expected transfer time for funds to be received, fees and charges as well as unique offers such as fee-free transfers.

Speed, security, savings

Having sent money overseas ourselves, we understand the importance of these factors when you compare international money transfer providers. The speed of the transfer is important because you need the funds to reach the destination in a reasonable amount of time and someone is expecting it. Security is also important when sending money because you need the money to actually be received and for your confidential financial information to be safely guarded by the transfer provider. Savings is another important factor to consider when sending money to another country because you want that warm and fuzzy feeling in knowing that you got the best deal in town and more money reached the destination. FX Compare has a list of the most trusted and established money transfer providers in Australia that you can contact and quickly send money online.

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